About Me

Hey, welcome to my Brand Photography site, my name is Matthew Hughes the King of Video

My business life really began with my video company back in 2013, me and Amy wanted a wedding film and we couldn’t find anyone who would make a film, quite how we imagined it. 

Enter, a friend of mine who had just finished a media production degree at Liverpool University and the video company was born. 

After running the video company, with a couple of Canon 5D MKIII digital SLR cameras, for about a year, I wanted to expand into Photography, I had all the gear and only some practical experience, the theory was lost on me. So I enrolled in a Photography HND, having completed a year (barely), I finally knew what all the settings on the camera were and my wife finally agreed that my photos were good enough.

So we started offering wedding and event photography alongside the commercial and wedding films we were making.

This continued for seven years before I closed the company to focus on our online business.

In that company, I had travelled to three continents and films / photographed everything from one man bands, through to billion dollar companies.

One constant throughout, were the people on this page, my best friend, wife and business partner Amy who has been my biggest fan, biggest critic and biggest support since 2005 and of course my girls who continue to make me the proudest and happiest Dad.

Why personal brand photography? Because i’m an entrepreneur and I love supporting business owners and entrepreneurs to be the best version of themselves and to help them represent theselves and their business in the best way possible.

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